Fees vary depending upon the service requested.  During our initial intake session,
we will determine a plan moving forward.  Just as in finding the right fit, we are
most focused on offering the best service(s) for your family. 
Below is a description of some of the packages offered: 

Comprehensive Plan: 

The Comprehensive Plan is the most cost effective for someone going through the independent school search as it guarantees a partner throughout the entire process.  Includes unlimited meetings via phone, virtually or in-person which are tailored to your student and family’s specific needs with the goal of making it a smooth, educational and positive experience for all. 


  • A personalized timeline for the school application process  
  • Identification of different school philosophies and potential fits 
  • Provide referrals for local psychologists and/or specialists in the area   
  • Suggestions for parents and students on interviewing techniques and questions 
  • Interview prep offered for older students   
  • Content and editing help with school essays / application questions 
  • Less than 24 hour responses to phone calls, email and/or text support in answering questions throughout the process 
  • Reminders about dates and deadlines    
  •  A preliminary assessment of your child to see if they need enrichment or support; additional testing with area psychologist; test prep support, etc   
  • A tutoring network for enrichment or support 
  •  Help in identifying the right person to speak with at each school 
  •  Discussion of correct interview dress codes for child, teen and or parent    
  • Contact schools on your behalf to give and get feedback   
  • Advocate on your behalf at schools of choice   
  • Help families mid-year, if transferred to the Charlotte area or new school  
  • Work with families and or caregivers on appropriate developmental standards 
  • Area preschool recommendations/contacts 
  • Recommendations/contacts for local specialists including, but not limited to, Speech & Language and Occupational Therapists and tutors. 

The cost of this plan is $1,000 (with additional fees for multiple children). However, depending on the admission cycle for schools this fee may be prorated.  Let's talk to see how we can tailor a package for you. 

Educational Planning Session: 

Whether looking at Public, Private or anything in between, this option is ideal for the family just beginning the search or planning ahead: 

  • After our initial consult you will receive a personalized plan/timeline moving forward
  • Address any questions you may have pertaining to the plan  

The cost of this educational consult is $250 (This plan may be packaged with further phone consults and or credited with comprehensive plan upgrade). 

Phone or Virtual Consult:

Go a little deeper than our initial phone consult with occasional scheduled phone consults.

60 minute consults may be scheduled via phone or virtually for $150 (fee will be credited with Comprehensive Plan upgrade)
No references or referrals are included in this option.


Spring Consultations:

-Didn’t get the decision you were hoping for?
-What does being in the wait pool mean and what to expect?
-Relocating and see you missed application and/or lottery deadlines? 
-Want to set yourself, and your child, up for repeating the process next year.
Reach out to schedule a consultation to see if we can better direct and inform you.
30 min minimum consult via phone ($75)