There are so many options for parents with school age children that navigating the school selection process can be overwhelming. Kristi is an absolute expert and delight to work with when it comes to navigating the different options and offers unique insights that take each family’s unique needs and priorities into account. I would highly recommend Kristi as an invaluable resource for navigating the school decision process. She’s absolutely wonderful to work with and has been a tremendous resource to our family.
Jessica H.  

Working with Kristi is a dream. She’s knowledgeable, honest and extremely helpful. I highly recommend anyone needing help to work with her. You won’t regret it!  
Erin R.

"What a wonderful feeling, when you discover that ‘right fit’ school for your child.  Our daughter is finishing 8th grade at a K-8 school, and we dreaded having to find the right high school for her.  It felt overwhelming to sift through all of the greater Charlotte options in search of the school where she would continue to thrive.  Thankfully, we found Kristi.  She was fabulous, listening to our various wish list items and helping us target schools that would be good options.  She kept us on track with the timelines, guided us through the process beautifully and always made sure our daughter had a voice in the conversation.  We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and feel without Kristi, this school may not have been on our radar.  If you are thinking of engaging a school consultant, I can only encourage that you do so, and that you do so specifically with Kristi."  Dr. Beth C.

"As we wind down the school year we wanted to recognize and thank you for our incredible school experience this year. Your vote of confidence in our son and commitment to assisting our family with our move from overseas was a critical component to this success." Thomas B.  

"Kristi will make an incredible private school consultant. It is such a highly sought after service in LA where we moved from and Charlotte could certainly use it. I know so many people who moved here only to be crushed by the private school process. I look forward to sharing her contact as she was the calm in the storm for us."  Christina M.  

"My husband had already taken a job in North Carolina and we debated whether I would stay back in Atlanta as our youngest was entering her junior year of high school and not excited about switching schools. Then COVID hit us all and her experience with virtual learning was less than impressive. We decided to drive up to the area, but knew the school's admissions cycles had passed and that we most likely wouldn’t have access to see campuses. That’s when we connected with Kristi. Not only did she encourage us to look at various schools, but she was able to get us in touch with Admissions directors after we had received generic email responses reaching out on our own. We knew where we planned to live and Kristi was instrumental in assisting us with a better understanding of Charlotte traffic, distance to and from schools and the overall ‘vibe’ of each school community. We had come from strong public schools and initially included those in our search, however we learned more about the Charlotte school market and felt like a smaller, independent was the best fit for our daughter. Moving is stressful enough and although my daughter took the reins and found the best fit for her, Kristi’s guidance and knowledge was reassuring along the way."  Toby D.

"My boys couldn’t be happier! They began in-person learning this August. We met Kristi last fall, 2019, as I was beginning the school search for our family. By early January 2020, we had decided to put off both our move and school search for a year. However, after Covid came into our lives both for school and work my husband and I decided to reach back out to Kristi to see if it was too late to move forward for the 2020-21 school year. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she made what I feared would be the hardest part of our move, a seamless process. The admissions offers had already been sent out at all of the area schools, but Kristi was aware of openings at various grade levels and was able to get us back in discussions at our top choice school. They re-activated the boys applications and we had an admissions offer for our older two boys within 48 hours. Kristi was then able to steer me towards preschools in the area for our 3 year old. We feel like we got a bonus 2 for 1 deal with the Boston’s as Kristi’s husband Mike ended up as our real estate agent. Together they are both professional and flexible.  We’ve now made friends for life and couldn’t be happier with our current situation." 
Tyhler L. 

Kristi Boston is an outstanding and well respected colleague! Throughout her career she has always placed the needs of students and families first. Of all the vast educational options available, she can help find the best schools for them. A priceless service!
Dr. Robert V.